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A fantastic trail in the Austrian Bregenzerwald – Biberkopf

Welcome to another story from our hiking story section. Here we have a story of Andrea from Austria ”A fantastic trail in the Austrian Bregenzerwald – Biberkopf” in her own words.

We started in the early, gloomy morning full of fog and coldness. First over steep meadows and fields up to a great plateau with a wonderful view of the Austrian mountains. Look at these moody images. After a long way through a riverbed, the sighting of several ibexes, and quietness we arrived at the beautiful “Schänzlesee“.

A fantastic trail in the Austrian Bregenzerwald – Biberkopf

Here at 1900 meters above sea level, we reached the snow again. Beautiful ice flowers adorned our path.
From here on we reached rocky terrain again. Up steep rock faces – a wonderful feeling of freedom.
We climbed up the snowy, frozen rock walls with almost frozen hands. Doubts about the sense of the ascent came up in us because it was very dangerous due to the ice and snow. But then nevertheless we did not want to give up. And we have made it!

A fantastic trail in the Austrian Bregenzerwald – Biberkopf

And then arriving at the top, there is hardly a better feeling of freedom and satisfaction. Isn’t that precisely what makes mountain tours what they are. To reach your physical limits and still go on, no matter what. I really love this feeling. Struggling, doubting, and then realizing that I can do it. Our bodies are so much more capable than we think. Going beyond our limits. It often happens in the mountains and you have to push yourself. No matter what.

A fantastic trail in the Austrian Bregenzerwald – Biberkopf

Every time I go out for a hike, my heart is pumping from the hard work, and I love it. I love that nature humbles me. There’s something very addictive about that humility—you can go as far as your feet will take you.
I will always keep these great experiences in my memory and also benefit from this stamina in my daily life.


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Walking is such a simple way to travel. It’s probably the slowest possible way to go through a place, which means that you see it much deeper. It’s all connected—people, nature, culture. I grew up in the countryside and I’ve always felt most comfortable, most at home, when I’m in the outdoors doing something quite active. I enjoy the freedom of being outside and feeling connected to nature.

A fantastic trail in the Austrian Bregenzerwald – Biberkopf

But walking also has a sort of vulnerability and simplicity to it, which makes conversations and connections with people a little easier. I hope to inspire one or the other for these great mountain moments.
Go for Hikes guys!

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