Girls who hikes

What are Girls who Hikes?

Girls who Hikes? As the name implies, this Instagram account collects pictures of women hiking and backpacking—many of them are avid hikers, not models or celebrities. It’s billed as what it’s like to be a girl who hikes, but that’s not really the case. The girls in Girls who Hikes are really hiking girls with some vague resemblance to the activity in which they are engaged.

Girls Who Hikes aims to build a community of women from around the world, who love spending time outdoors in nature. You do not have to be an experienced hiker, or even an experienced backpacker, to join! The only requirement for joining our group is that you feel comfortable hiking on your own. Use #girlswhohikes and tag @girlswhohikes to get featured on our Instagram page.
We are organizing hiking trips twice a year only for girls who hikes.
Our aim is to motivate girls for hiking, trekking, and backpacking trips.

We want to build a fun, engaging community for women to help each other. Whether you’re looking for hiking partners in your area or want to hear some tips on where to go next, we are here for you. Let us know how we can make our girls who hike the community better.

We have a ton of fun! We use social media to keep each other accountable and connected. And we do it all on top of mountain peaks, in deep canyons, under waterfalls, and under night skies. When we’re climbing towards our goals, it’s much easier to stay focused and get inspired knowing that our friends are right there with us.

We encourage all women to hike on their own, but we know it can be intimidating to head out into unfamiliar terrain. We want you to be safe, so we created a community where you can meet other like-minded women who are also interested in hiking. Not only will you have a new friend when taking on new trails, but you’ll also have someone to share trail tips and wisdom with.

With hiking becoming a more popular activity among people of all ages, it makes sense that there are social media communities devoted to it. Whether you’re a first-time hiker looking for companionship or an experienced mountaineer hoping to connect with like-minded hikers, these Instagram accounts offer up inspiration—and maybe even some new hiking buddies.