Trekking entails going a long distance on foot in remote areas without access to vehicles. There have been many days of walking involved. Trekking routes are often less traveled than hiking routes. You will be in remote and mountainous regions that are challenging. Trails are typically longer and tougher than hikes. An adventure trekker generally has a different start and endpoint than a hiking tour. Depending on the distance traveled, trekkers may travel between five and twenty-five kilometers a day. To go trekking, trekkers need to plan and prepare more. Trekkers must carry more equipment. On most trekking adventures, the trekker stays at a tea house or a tented camp.

Types of Trekkers

What makes a trekker different from the rest? Sometimes it’s just their preferences and interests that set them apart, while other times it’s their distinct personalities or lifestyles. Regardless of what sets them apart, there are many different types of trekkers, ranging from the average to the extreme. Here are four of the most common types of trekkers you’ll meet in your travels!

The day trekker

A day trekker is someone who usually hikes near their home. These are typically people with only one or two days a week to spare, but they still get out and explore new areas regularly. They like to take pictures and post them on social media so friends can see how awesome their trekking life is! Day trekkers typically don’t want to stay in a hotel because that would mean getting up super early, driving for at least an hour, then spending most of their day walking anyway.

The short-duration trekker

The short-duration trekker is also known as a light backpacker. They travel light and fast and they like to be out in nature, but they don’t want to rough it too much. They are looking for adventure, but they prefer not to overdo it. Most short-duration trekkers won’t stay in rustic huts or camping areas; instead, they’ll seek comfort at hostels or bed-and-breakfasts. Staying indoors is necessary for them. For example, a typical hike for these trekkers might last three days or less.

The long-distance trekker

Long-distance trekkers are those that take on multi-day treks but for less than a week. If you’re someone who wants to challenge yourself, find serenity in nature, and spend time doing what you love most then you’re a long-distance trekker. Long-distance trekking can mean anything from hiking a few hours at a time all day every day for a week or spending an entire month walking more than 30 miles each day through rough terrain. This style is popular among thru-hikers on well-known trails such as The Appalachian Trail or Pacific Crest Trail. Learn more about long-distance trekking here: How to Start Hiking: A Beginner’s Guide to Walking in Nature

The extreme trekker

This is a different kind of trekker because they aren’t afraid to put their body through a lot to get where they need to go. They look for challenges and love experiencing everything that life has to offer. If you’re an extreme trekker, you probably enjoy deep backcountry hikes and climbing mountains with ropes. Some other activities that extreme trekkers may enjoy are caving, mountaineering, rafting, or kayaking. These people like to push themselves physically and mentally just for fun. If you think that sounds like you, then you’re definitely an extreme trekker!

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