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Hiking in Iceland: Discover the Best Trails for Trekking

When it comes to breathtaking natural wonders, few countries rival Iceland. From towering glaciers to rugged fjords and snow-covered mountains, the Nordic nation is home to some of the world’s most stunning scenery. As such, it is no wonder that hiking in Iceland has become a popular activity among nature lovers looking to experience the country’s majestic landscape firsthand.

person standing beside body of water - hiking in iceland
Photo by Valdemaras D. on Pexels.com

Hiking trails in Iceland range from leisurely strolls through local villages and lush valleys to more demanding mountain treks with panoramic views of the dramatic Icelandic coastline. Most hikes can be done in one day, although those looking for a longer challenge will find plenty of multi-day excursions with challenging climbs, raging rivers and hidden glacial lakes.

For beginner hikers or those with young children, a gentle coastal hike on the Snaefellsnes peninsula is a great place to start. With beautiful bays dotted along its coastline, this area is well-known for its wealth of flora and fauna. Alternatively, for something more adventurous head south towards Skogar and explore Mount Skogafoss, where you can enjoy awe-inspiring views over the national park below before scaling your way up one of its many impressive rock faces.


fjord, valley, mountains-hiking in iceland
fjord, valley, mountains-hiking in iceland

No matter where you go for your hike in Iceland, safety should always come first. Bring plenty of supplies such as food and water to ensure you are prepared for whatever lies ahead – after all there is no phone reception out in the wilderness! It’s also important to dress appropriately – during winter months temperatures can drop quickly so it’s essential to bring warm layers and good waterproof gear. In summer, keep an eye on forecasts – even if you plan to stay near the coast strong winds can suddenly pick up without warning making it easy to get lost or caught off guard by an unexpected storm! 

Whichever trail you decide to take on your Icelandic adventure you won’t regret it – exploring nature by foot provides an unforgettable experience that takes you closer than ever before to the magnificent landscapes that Iceland offers! So don’t delay – lace up your boots today and start planning your hiking holiday in Iceland now!


Discover the Best Trails for Trekking

Iceland is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream come true, with incredible landscapes that beg to be explored and hiked. Whether you’re looking for a short trek around Reykjavík or a multi-day trek into the remote Highlands, there are plenty of trails to choose from. From epic views of glaciers and volcanoes to stunning vistas of untouched nature, here are some of the best hiking trails in Iceland to add to your bucket list! 

Laugavegur Trail

3 days hiking in the Laugavegur trail
hiking in the Laugavegur trail

Spanning over 50 miles between Landmannalaugar and Thórsmörk Nature Reserve, this trail is Iceland’s most famous and beloved trek. Its terrain consists of glacial rivers, geothermal areas, glaciers, hot springs and waterfalls. 

The Golden Circle Trail

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This 5-mile trail follows one of Iceland’s most popular sightseeing routes, taking hikers through the Thingvellir National Park where they can experience impressive fissures and ravines before ending at Gullfoss Waterfall. 

Vestrahorn Mountain Range

island coast - iceland
Photo by Matt Hardy on Pexels.com

The mountain range lies close to Stokksnes Beach on the southeast coast and offers an array of spectacular hikes, ranging from gentle coastal paths to strenuous mountain trails leading up to dizzying heights above sea level. 

Svínafellsjökull Glacier

water falls and glacier - iceland
Photo by S Migaj on Pexels.com

Located in Skaftafell National Park on the south coast, this area is ideal for anyone interested in glacier trekking. Hikes usually last around four hours, taking hikers over ridges, crevasses and deep blue ice formations formed by millennia of erosion. 

Hornstrandir Nature Reserve

three men standing near waterfalls in iceland
Photo by Sam Kolder on Pexels.com

Located on the northwest tip of the Westfjords peninsula in Iceland’s northernmost region, this nature reserve offers dramatic hiking trails through mountainsides alive with wildflowers, soaring birds and powerful ocean views all along its rugged coastline paths. 

No matter which path you choose for your Icelandic adventure hike – these five options will give you unforgettable experiences! And don’t forget – it is always best practice when planning your excursions hiking in Iceland to make sure you have appropriate safety equipment with you as well as plenty of food & water supplies – especially when heading into more remote areas or difficult trails such as Laugavegur Trail or Vestrahorn Mountain Range!

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