How to Avoid Altitude Sickness

How to Avoid Altitude Sickness While Trekking in Nepal

This is the complete guide for how to avoid altitude sickness while trekking in high-altitude trails. You can know its meaning from its name as altitude means height, elevation, etc. Altitude sickness happens while doing hiking, trekking, or any activities in high-altitude places. It is not only based on trekking in Nepal. You can get altitude sickness anywhere while going to any places with high altitudes.

And if you are worried about how you can control this sickness and enjoy your trekking, Dive In!


How to Avoid Altitude Sickness

Take Medication and Consult with a Medical Doctor

It is recommended that you take a proper checkup with your doctor before going (about two weeks) and tell him your complete plans so that he can give you some appropriate medications according to your health. Furthermore, if you have any other health problems apart from altitude sickness, make sure to consult your doctor in both cases. Also, for frequent headaches, you can take a painkiller with you.

If your travel planner gives you an insurance option, make sure to avail of it. So, traveling insurance reduces the anxiety (about trekking sickness and illness), Which helps reduce altitude sickness and enjoy your vacations.

A Hydrated Body Ensures a Fast Journey

Trekking takes a lot of energy and hydration, so you will need to drink at least 3 to 5 liters in a single day for better trekking. A person can not overeat during hiking or trekking, but he can drink extra water during those days.

Do not take excessive soft drinks to raise your sugar levels and leave alcohol and drugs during trekking. Alcohol dehydrates your body, and medicines keep you out of your mind, so leave both of these items if you want safe and hydrated trekking in Nepal. When you adopt a healthy body, your journey will automatically get safe.

Don’t Forget your Washroom Cycle

As for drinking plenty of water can cause more urination, you must make a chart for your washroom timings. Note urination causes a fast heartbeat, which causes sickness and destroys your trekking.

Exercise More Before Going

When you plan a trip or trek in Nepal, make sure to exercise before going. If you do exercise and try to reach higher points daily before going to Nepal, then there are chances that you will not feel altitude sickness more than you usually do.

Furthermore, do not simply walk on high elevations; instead, keep a backpack on your back while walking. By using this method, your body will get used to this routine, causing no sickness problems.

Bottom Line

No one wants to destroy their vacations in which they are far from home to reduce their everyday worries and make their minds fresh. If your traveling days spoil due to some simple sickness, then you will regret it for sure.

So we have mentioned some simple things that you should keep in mind and use some preventive measures before going on vacation to reduce altitude sickness. Also, if you are going on a trip with Hikepackers, you can consult with HikePackers; we will give you 24/7 service.

I wish you have got all the necessary information about how to avoid altitude sickness and what not to do during the trip.

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