Don't be afraid of the loneliness- Tamara

Don’t be afraid of the loneliness-Tamara

My name is Tamara. I am an enthusiastic long-distance hiker. I completed my first long-distance walk in 2018 of 96 miles (154km) – the West highland way. Everyone who knows me knows how enthusiastic I am about Scotland and that certainly hasn’t changed with my walk. I had many great moments, made many interesting acquaintances. At that time I was hiking with a friend. Unfortunately, it turned out that I am not so compatible when it comes to hiking.

Don't be afraid of the loneliness if you are going for adventure, Start journey on your own, you will meet 1000 of companion.

So I decided to walk the West highland way again in 2019, this time alone. I also wanted to follow the East highland way with 82 miles (132 km). The reason was that my mental health was not the best. I wanted to get away from it all and just be myself and do what I love most: walking.

Setting out on a 178-mile (290 km) hike, and doing it alone, gave me a lot of anxiety. However, I knew that I would be fine on my own, as struggling alone has been a part of my life. However, I was not spared from being afraid when it was dark. This darkness you look into when there are no city lights around you almost swallows you up and it took a long time to get used to it. Every twig that moves sounds like something creeping around the tent. It took a few days before my tent was the safest place in the world for me. And that hasn’t changed to this day.

I can only recommend everyone to have experiences like this. I could go on forever, but you can’t fit so many words into these posts. That’s why I’ll leave it at that!

Not all who wander are lost!

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