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As an avid outdoor enthusiast, we understand how incredible hiking, trekking and backpacking stories and experiences can be. The physical and mental challenge, the peacefulness of nature and the excitement of an adventure; it all combines to make memories that will last a lifetime. That is why we have created HikePackers to give the opportunity for fellow hikers and trekkers to share their amazing stories with the rest of us.

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Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, we want to hear from you. With our online platform, we are building an online community where anyone can come together to read and write stories about their outdoor escapades. All of your wildest and most rewarding tales, whether they are an incredible sunrise, a challenging hike or a scenic backpacking adventure, can be found on Hike Packers.

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By being part of this platform, you can find great companions to share the adventure, browse a range of beautiful locations to explore and gain great advice on all aspects of your adventure, such as the right hiking gear, safety information and fitness advice. By adding your experiences, you can also be sure of getting noticed, as you could even have your own post published to be read and appreciated by our community.

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The aim of this site is to become the go-to resource for everyone, from novice to pro, to access up-to-date and interesting information about hikes, treks and backpacking. It is only by harnessing the power of your experiences, opinions and stories that we can reach that goal. We need your stories and knowledge to give advice, build up excitement and to motivate the masses to explore the outdoors.

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So don’t keep your experiences to yourself, make sure you share them with the rest of the community. Upload your hiking, trekking and backpacking stories and share your own unique account of an adventure – no matter how big or small – to inspire and give a real insight into hiking, trekking and backpacking around the world.

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